Nuna Training Technologies Clients

Since 1993, Nuna group of companies, joint ventures and partnerships have been involved with the majority of the resource companies operating in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Nuna has expanded their operations into Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Nuna is commited to delivering our Clients dependable and comprehensive construction services, logistics, contract mining, infrastructure planning, earthworks, large diameter drilling, heavy equipment field/simulator contract training, mining support services and mining products.

Some of Nuna's Early Contracts

Projects that Nuna has been successfully involved in include:

  • 27,000 tonne cement haul for Echo Bay Mines Ltd from the Hay River, NT rail yard to their Lupin gold mine.
  • Construction and maintenance of the 568 km Lupin Winter Road (now known as the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road) from Yellowknife to Lupin comprising 87% ice and 13% land portages.
  • Logistics support to BHP Billiton's and Diavik Diamond Mines' exploration teams.
  • Nuna Logistics' first large contract was with BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc. (formerly BHP Diamonds Inc.) to construct the EKATI Diamond Mine™ site's 7,000 foot runway.
    • The runway is made from blasted granite and is capable of handling 737 and Hercules aircraft. The contract was successfully completed and the first 737 touched down in late October, 1994.
    • In conjunction with the runway construction, Nuna Logistics was contracted to construct BHP Billiton's main camp/plant laydown area and site access roads.