Simulator Overview

Nuna's totally flexible Mobile Heavy Equipment Simulator Training Unit offers a safer, faster and more economical way to test, train and re-train frontline equipment operators and instructors - delivered right to your doorstep.

Companies that employ heavy equipment understand that proper equipment training can represent a significant amount of their operating budget. The fixed costs of lost equipment productivity revenue; fuels and lubes; and the wear and tear a machine might receive in the initial training process are all good reasons to look for a better way.

Specially designed for work in the harsh environment of the Canadian North, the Nuna Mobile Simulator Trainer tests and trains prospective drivers/operators, and re-trains existing operators and supervisors on-site - in less time, at less cost and with greater all-around reliability than any real time in-vehicle method. The simulator can be up and running within hours of arrival at a mine/construction site, and is so cost-effective that companies can recover training costs with the saving on fuels and lubes alone.

Designed to meet various operator levels, training programs can be custom designed to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of mining and construction operations. Within the simulator, the operator sees, hears and feels everything in a realistic way - just as if they were operating the actual heavy equipment. Instruction in practical terms on how to react to brake failures, tire fires, wet and slippery conditions, fog and dust and night driving are just a few of the examples of this simulated reality training.

A Simulator Trainer has access to selectable lesson levels and records the operator's performance and the machine's operation from start-up to shut-down. This important feature ensures unbiased evaluation. A new or pre-employment operator is exposed to all simulator lessons and error warnings, while experienced operators undergo refresher testing without assistance from the Simulator Trainer. Lessons make use of advanced multimedia including voice-over narration and graphics (in both English and local dialects) to get the correct method and messages across. Nuna supplements this training with classroom video, manuals, study material and examination.

The simulator's interchangeable vehicle, site and dash components provide complete flexible training on a wide range of equipment types, such as the full line of Caterpillar haul trucks, excavators and shovels, and Bell Komatsu and Hitachi dozers.

By utilizing our expertise, Nuna provides clients with proven advice to help ensure their specific needs are met. Nuna leads the industry in the utilization of simulator based training. We have dedicated staff who continually work to improve simulator based programs.